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    Family Law

    Family law deals with emotional, sensitive, and very personal matters. Individuals dealing with these issues need an attorney who can speak on their behalf. At Morgenstern & Associates, we have a ...

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    Child Custody

    We understand that child custody is unlike any other type of legal issue.  Emotions and feelings play a big role.  Our child custody lawyers in Greensboro, NC will help you ...

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    From the emotional weight of the situation to logistical problems, divorce is difficult for everyone. That’s why finding legal counsel you can trust during this difficult time makes all the difference.  ...

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    Property Division

    Property division is often one of the most complex and disputed issues in a divorce matter. No one wants to give up something they own, particularly when they believe it ...

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    About Morgenstern & Associates

    We have more than 40 years combined of experience in family law matters and are proud to be family law attorneys that Greensboro, NC can trust.  Moreover, we have board-certified specialists in family law. We know how to protect our client’s rights and fight on their behalf.

    We will work hard to earn your trust and become a partner you can depend on. Give us a call today to let us help you make this trying experience a little easier.

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    At Morgenstern & Associates, we have more than 40 years combined and are proud to be family law attorneys that Greensboro, NC can trust.